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“There’s always some way to serve…”

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Interviewer: Were you almost addicted to recording music?

Prince: Oh, not addicted. I mean, that’s a strong word. I always tease; I say I have to go to studio rehab. But it does help to hear something finished. You know how Woody Allen does flicks all the time, and every three you get a masterpiece? You’ve got to go through the process and download it from your head. It’s all there; I can hear it all right now. I can hear five albums in my head right now.

Interviewer: Do you think you’ll ever retire?

Prince: I don’t know what that is. There’s always some way to serve. And I never felt like I had a job.

Prince, in an interview with Brian Hiatt in Rolling Stone

Written by nevalalee

April 23, 2016 at 7:30 am

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