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Figures in a landscape

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In landscape paintings, in addition to scenery, there should be figures and other things, animate and inanimate. They should be drawn well and with style, though not in too great detail. And they should, of course, fit the particular scene. For instance, a figure should seem to be contemplating the mountain; the mountain, in turn, should seem to be bending over and watching the figure. A lute player, plucking his instrument, should appear also to be listening to the moon, while the moon, calm and still, appears to be listening to the notes of the lute. Figures should, in fact, be depicted in such a way that people looking at a painting wish they could change places with them.

The Mustard Seed Garden Manual of Painting, translated by Mai-mai Sze

Written by nevalalee

February 3, 2018 at 7:30 am

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