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The art of depth

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Robert Delaunay

The word “simultaneous” is a term of professional jargon, like “reinforced concrete” in construction…The “simultaneous” is a technique. The technique shapes primary matter, universal matter, the world.

Poetry is mind into matter.

Sounds, colors, voices, dances, passions, mineral, vegetable, animal, textiles, butchery, chemistry, physics, civilization, offspring, father, mother, paintings, dresses, posters, books, poems, this lamp, this whistle, are the technique, the craft. Simultaneous contrast is the newest improvement in this craft, this technique. Simultaneous contrast is depth perceived. Reality. Form. Construction. Representation.

Depth is the new inspiration. All we see is seen in depth. We live in depth. We travel in depth. I am there. The senses are there. And the spirit.

Robert Delaunay, “Simultanism”

Written by nevalalee

May 21, 2016 at 7:30 am

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