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Joss Whedon on the importance of structure

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Joss Whedon on the set of The Avengers

Structure means knowing where you’re going; making sure you don’t meander about. Some great films have been made by meandering people, like Terrence Malick and Robert Altman, but it’s not as well done today and I don’t recommend it. I’m a structure nut. I actually make charts. Where are the jokes? The thrills? The romance? Who knows what, and when? You need these things to happen at the right times, and that’s what you build your structure around: the way you want your audience to feel. Charts, graphs, coloured pens, anything that means you don’t go in blind is useful.

Joss Whedon, to Hotdog (courtesy of Aerogramme Writers’ Studio)

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March 16, 2013 at 9:50 am

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