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The yellow pad

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To me, summation is the most important part of the trial for the lawyer, the climax of the case…Usually, the very first thing I think about when I get a case and begin to learn the facts is: what am I going to argue, and how can I best make the argument to obtain a favorable verdict? In other words, I work backward from my summation. Virtually all of my questions at the trial, and most of my tactics and techniques, are aimed at enabling me to make arguments I’ve already determined I want to make…

In my opinion, a summation must either be written out or set down in a comprehensive outline. The problem with even an outline is that although all the points the lawyer wants to make are there, he does not have the all-important articulations; that is, he does not have his points expressed in the most effective way. It’s simply not possible to powerfully articulate a great number of points, one immediately following another, extemporaneously. There is a best way to make a point, and to find it takes time and sweat on the yellow pad.

Vincent Bugliosi, And the Sea Will Tell

Written by nevalalee

May 27, 2017 at 7:08 am

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