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The ambassador to the infinite

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This universe, on which a window has suddenly opened, might and must belong to us from now on, and it would be impossible now for us not to try to break down the wall separating us from it: every mode we can find to exteriorize our thought may offer us some weapon to use for this…Just as the vulture and the leopard, rushing after a succulent prey in flight, fly or bound—according to their particular faculties—over streams and civilizations, mountain and forests, leaving all the paths already beaten in order to catch the object of their desire, the body, deformed by speed and by the irregularities along the way, now taking on the form of a polished spindle sending out a beam of light to each point of the horizon, an accredited ambassador to the infinite…so does the painter’s brush move in the search of his thought…

Let’s admire the mad, the mediums who find some way to fix their most fugitive visions, as the man given to surrealism tends to do, with a slightly different motive…Just imagine the jealousy of the painter who gets a glimpse of the shadows surrealist writing can bring forth! For the whole difficulty is not starting, but also forgetting what has just been done, or better, ignoring it. Closing your eyes, blindfolding them, forcing yourself just to look at one part of the canvas, all these ways of upsetting the usual orientation of sight are irrelevant and childish procedures. It is not a matter of mutilating a technique but of rendering it as inefficacious as possible.

Max Morise, “Enchanted Eyes”

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October 27, 2018 at 7:30 am

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