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The electric library

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1. The words on the printed page are seen, not heard.
2. Through conventional words you get concepts across. The concepts are embodied in letters.
3. The economy of expression: optics instead of phonetics.
4. The organization of the space of the book through the material of the sentence according to the laws of typographical technique must correspond to the tensions and the pressures of the content.
5. The organization of the space of the book by the illustrations that realize the new optics. The supernaturalist reality of the perfect eye.
6. The continual sequence of pages—the bioscopic book.
7. The new book requires a new writer. Inkwells and goose quills are dead.
8. The printed page goes past space and time. Printed notebooks, this immensity of print, must give way. The electric library.

El Lissitzky, “Topography of Typography”

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October 14, 2018 at 7:30 am

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