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The evolution of art

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Art has to concur with the course of life. So we have to be evolutionists. We can’t admit anything that doesn’t in itself evolve. In each of our works this evolutionary process should be realized. We cannot do this in one single in­alterable way, nor can we admit the formation of any school. Nor can we have any criteria, if they would imply something stable used as a point or the base of comparison. In any case, our criteria have to evolve constantly. As we are in the middle of that natural evolution, our role must consist only in signaling, like a sensitive receiving apparatus that we could call the plasticity of time. But without belonging to one land rather than another. We want to be international. Nothing that has already come to pass can be useful to us; not even our own works. For us, nothing is definitive. We have to ignore anything we’ll be doing tomorrow. We must find those who have the right temperament to choose and select, spontaneously. Intuitive and sympathetic connections compose our reality. I have to identify myself, so as truly to connect things. The day is the only interesting phenomenon.

Joaquín Torres-Garcia, “Art-Evolution”

Written by nevalalee

October 13, 2018 at 7:30 am

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