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The glass-bottomed boat

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For me the process is personal and private—like water divining. But the discoveries, the images I find should be clear and common archetypes. I think at some point, whether you use Jungian phraseology or not, at some point you’re looking down into the Collective Unconscious through your own subconscious. Like a glass-bottomed boat, and the artist is floating around letting people see down into the images. The job of the artist is to have antennae to pick it up and reveal it, articulate it for other people to read. It is to objectify his subjective experience in a form that’s accessible to the majority. Our job, or the job of any artist, I would submit, who works publicly, is to find the images that are the pegs a lot of other people connect with.

John Fox, “How Welfare State’s Events are Commissioned, Conceived and Carried Out”

Written by nevalalee

September 16, 2018 at 7:30 am

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