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Songwriters and systems

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Everyone’s got systems. And even if your system is no system, that’s a system. My system is who fucking knows. But that’s still a system. So, other songwriters…have some literal ideas. Like, if the verse vocal starts on the one-beat, the pre-chorus can’t. A lot of people have the rule that do what the song says. If you shout “stop” in the song, the song should stop. If you say, “I’m alone in my room” in the song, it should go down to very few instruments. So a lot of people have math. And that’s fucking great, and a lot of great songs have come from that. I’m literally bad at math, quite literally. So I’ve never tried to engage in that…As long as you never wanna confuse people on purpose—which I never do, I don’t get off on that—it’s really exciting to find confusing things that are also satisfying. I like that. If that was my niche, then I’d put it on my tombstone.

Jack Antonoff, to GQ

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January 28, 2018 at 7:30 am

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