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Choosing the lure

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The greatest mistake fishermen make in their choice of artificial lures is to acquire absolute faith in any one design or color. There is no lure that is always best. Market fishermen of the West Coast understand this, and much can be learned from their method of choosing the proper bait. These fishermen use rigid outriggers, most of which have capacity for ten lines. When they start fishing they have a different bait on each line. At first strike, the nine lures that did not get results are replaced with duplicates of the successful one. As long as these produce results, every bait being trolled is identical in size, action, and color. Thirty minutes after activity stops, the duplicates come off and are replaced by the original assortment. If simultaneous strikes are made on different types of lure, a mixed assembly of both is used. During the time when duplicate baits are being used, they are on constant probation, and are replaced by a variety as soon as the fish have lost interest in them. This method will not be popular with the sportsman who goes out fishing to catch up on sleep, but, regardless of the number of changes, his one line should not overwork him, and skill used in the choice of lures will show results in his part of the fish box.

Harlan Major, Salt Water Fishing Tackle

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November 5, 2017 at 7:30 am

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