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The roughest part of a play

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I have come to the roughest part of a new play, assembling the scattered papers and getting ready to prepare a last draft of it. This is always a nightmare to me, for while I am working I toss papers right and left, at the end of each day I gather them helter-skelter and pile them together. So that the ultimate arrangement is a colossal job, which I do with actual groans and muttered curses, sitting on the floor with papers all about me, gradually going into little separate stacks, some order finally emerging, but not until I have died a thousand deaths. I am sure it is worse than childbirth. Reading through it after the assembly is worse still. In fact I usually don’t do it, that is why such odd incongruities and contradictions occur in my scripts. Writing is not a happy profession.

Tennessee Williams, in a letter to Donald Windham and Sandy Campbell

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September 24, 2017 at 7:30 am

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