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Designing games for the real world

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The thing about designing games for the real world is that you don’t have the benefit of a board game, where you’re in control of the environment. If you and I are playing chess, I can’t just move the pieces however I want because you’ll see it—and, if it’s a video game, I can’t just move pieces however I want because the code will prohibit that. But the real world changes all the time and it’s really, really hard—as any urban planner will tell you—to design something for an environment that is not systematized. There are all kinds of tricks—like placing the game close to the river to optimize your chances of getting an optical satellite link—but we’ve also found that some cities will simply reject a game, almost like it’s a virus, while other cities will just metabolize it. There were cities in which the problem was homeless people, and there were other cities where it was the police. Every city has a different response to these kinds of interventions.

Kevin Slavin, in an interview with Geoff Manaugh in The BLDGBLOG Book

Written by nevalalee

August 5, 2017 at 7:30 am

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