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The imperious and tyrannical images

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You can’t throw in images the way you throw in a fishhook, at random! These obedient images are, in a film constructed according to the dark and mysterious rules of the unconscious, necessary images, imperious and tyrannical images…It can be useful for a while to rediscover by methods that are unusual, excessive, arbitrary, methods that are primitive, direct, and stripped of nonessentials, polished to the bone, the laws of eternal poetry, but these laws are always the same, and the goal of poetry cannot be simply to play with the laws by which it is made…Just because with the help of psychoanalysis the rules of the game have become infinitely clear, and because the technique of poetry has revealed its secrets, the point is not to show that we are extraordinarily intelligent and that we now know how to go about it.

Antonin Artaud, in a letter to Jean Paulhan

Written by nevalalee

March 11, 2017 at 7:29 am

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