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The painter’s verification

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Houses from Kim's Hill by Louis Finkelstein

Doubtless the sense of all stylistic change is that the underlying view of the world changes. But the artist does not proceed by gathering up these changes, be they provided by science, theology, or politics, and then erecting, in a systematic fashion, a vision tailored to meet their demands

The activity of the artist as distinguished from the theoretician proceeds from a recognition of the world of the senses, and the work is authentic only when these antecedent premises are bound up with rather than imposed upon vision. For the artist perception always challenges concept.

To say that an underlying concept is realized by the picture means that the picture introduces some process of verification uniquely the property of painting. This assimilation into sense is, in a way, the authentication of the unity of the concept. This is what we use painting for.

Louis Finkelstein, “New Look: Abstract Impressionism”

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September 11, 2016 at 7:30 am

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