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The extraordinary object

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Untitled XXXII by Richard Stankiewicz

Things may be objectively present without having the affective power that we call “presence.” The extraordinary object, the one with presence, is one which is subjectively and tyrannically there: it can no more be ignored than being stared at can. It seems to me that this charged quality of things is what a work must have to be sculpture and any technical means for achieving it is allowable. It is the ultimate realism, this presence, having nothing to do with resemblances to “nature.” The peculiar posture of the convincing being, the stance of being about to move, the enormity of the immovable, the tension between the separate parts of a whole are qualities that pull us to the special object like iron to a magnet. And these beings of presence that we try to make—they are models of a never quite credible existence.

Richard Stankiewicz, “Statement”

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September 5, 2016 at 7:30 am

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