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The Devil and Georges Cuvier

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Georges Cuvier

They tell a story about [paleontologist Georges] Cuvier to illustrate his confidence in [the] Law of Correlation. It seems that one of his students, who desired to give the Maître a scare, disguised himself as the devil, with the usual horns and hoofs and barb-tipped tail. He penetrated at midnight to Cuvier’s room and, standing by his bedside, roused him from sleep with the announcement, “Cuvier, Cuvier, wake up! I am the Devil and am come to eat you up.” The scientist gazed at him sleepily, looked him over for a moment, and replied, “Hmm—horns—hoofs—you’re graminivorous. You can’t do it.” Whereupon he turned over and went to sleep again and the student retired discomfited.

William Diller Matthew, in The American Museum Journal

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June 25, 2016 at 7:30 am

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