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The tarantula room

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The tarantula room in Dr. No

[The tarantula room in Dr. No] was a complete afterthought. We’d all forgotten that we needed a room where Professor Dent talks to Dr. No, and it was in the last week of shooting so I had only £450 left. So I came up with that idea. I built the set on a platform in forced perspective with that big circular grille…It’s amazing to talk to Bond aficionados and critics, wherever they are in the world, because they always mention that set. They think it established a style. It was dressed with just one table, one chair, and one tarantula, and it is my favorite scene in the film—an example of stylization to achieve a desired effect.

Ken Adam, in Ken Adam: The Art of Production Design by Christopher Frayling

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March 13, 2016 at 7:30 am

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