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The two hundredth entrance

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Rupert Holmes

I believe my experiences as a performer have greatly influenced my work as a writer. My years in clubs and cabaret make me very at ease with my characters playing to the audience, either directly or self-reflexively through the text…

I once had a small role in one of my own plays, a thriller which happened to become a big hit on the West Coast. Its run was extended month after month and thus for over a year I found myself living the life of a stage actor: eight shows a week, with only one day off, a day dedicated solely to recovering from the five-show weekend I’d just turned in…making my two hundredth “first” entrance and searching for a way to make the play feel new not only for the audience but for myself as well. It was a wonderful and massively humbling experience. Because of this, I always try to listen very intently when an actor has a problem with a line or a moment in one of my scripts. I know from my own performing career what it’s like to be out there on a stage alone.

Rupert Holmes, to Fynsworth Alley

Written by nevalalee

March 6, 2016 at 7:30 am

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