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Kristoffer Diaz

I get an idea. I kick it around in my head. For a long time. Sometimes there’s research involved, but usually, I’m just thinking about it. For months. Years sometimes. Then I usually sit down and make what I call a “work diary”—a document on my computer in which I start listing all the things I know about the project…And I put off actually writing for a long time. Then I set some kind of deadline, and I just start banging it out. The actual writing process may take a month or two, but the prep takes forever. A lot of times I’ll write in bursts, generate about a third of a play, then stop altogether, returning to it later, and sometimes changing it dramatically. It’s incredibly inefficient.

Kristoffer Diaz, in an interview with Ryan Patrick Dolan

Written by nevalalee

January 20, 2016 at 7:30 am

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