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The font of inspiration

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Jordan Harrison

I tend to be pretty fastidious about how my plays look on the page, which fonts I write in. One time I arrived at a theater for a reading and the theater’s computer had changed my beautiful Perpetua font into a cruddy, generic sans serif. I could barely recognize the play. I just barely mustered the self-control not to ask them to reprint the scripts. It may sound superficial, but I think we often invest something of ourselves in our font selection—it’s personal somehow. Which font looks like your thoughts. Since I started doing readings of [my play] Futura, many people have come up to me to say “11-point Courier all the way!” or “I can’t write in anything other than Garamond.”

Jordan Harrison, to We Play Different

Written by nevalalee

January 16, 2016 at 7:30 am

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