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A puppeteer’s logic

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Sergei Obraztsov

However accidental the origin of a character may at first sight seem to be, the work on it must be controlled and directed by normal, merciless logic.

I suppose there is no declaration of creative method so harmful as the so-called “inspiration,” in other words, counting on thoughtless illogical intuition.

While working on my show numbers and as a producer I try as hard as possible to test everything with the measure of logic.

And the unit of measurement can only be the ultimate aim of the theme—its idea. One must never deceive oneself, never try to justify one form or another unless it is justified by the theme and stands up to the test of the idea. Almost all my failures I have described were the result of my being inattentive to that truth…

The organic perception of life is the only thing that I want to learn from the great figures of art; I wish to imitate only one of their gifts, the gift of imitating nobody. And that, in its turn, is possible only if everything you do in art is done not in a general sense but for something particular.

Sergei Obraztsov, My Profession

Written by nevalalee

April 26, 2015 at 7:30 am

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