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The temptations of the little gods

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Dickinson W. Richards

The problems are the ones that we have always known. The little gods are still with us, under different names. There is conformity: of technique, leading to repetition; of language, encouraging if not imposing conformity of thought. There is popularity: it is so easy to ride along on an already surging tide; to plant more seed in an already well-plowed field; so hard to drive a new furrow into stony ground. There is laxness: the disregard of small errors, of deviations, of the unexpected response; the easy worship of the smooth curve. There is also fear: the fear of speculation; the overprotective fear of being wrong. We are forgetful of the curious and wayward dialectic of science, whereby a well-constructed theory, even if it is wrong, can bring a signal advance.

Dickinson W. Richards

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April 11, 2015 at 7:30 am

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