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The difference between nearly and really

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Jez Butterworth

A few years ago, Butterworth went to an exhibition of Robert Capa photos in New York. Capa’s contact sheets were on display, and you could see the pictures leading up to each famous shot. The differences between photos came down to a matter of milliseconds, yet, Butterworth said, “the one before, that is so nearly the shot that rings like a bell forever,” had no resonance at all. “And it taught me something about the difference between nearly and really. Those days where you’re looking at a page and thinking this is an imitation of itself—it could be as close as the frame before the actual one, and it’s nothing. It’s nothing.”

—From a profile of Jez Butterworth by Emma Brockes in The New Yorker

Written by nevalalee

November 9, 2014 at 9:00 am

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