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“Then I disorder it a little bit…”

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Frank Stella

Interviewer: That’s one of the biggest surprises, that over the last twenty years you’ve developed the intuitive aspect of the work—they have become increasingly improvisational, and less programmatic.

Stella: Yes, in some ways they are. But it’s a bit tricky because if you look carefully, ninety-nine percent of the stuff is what I’ve always made, but I use it in a more improvisational manner. It’s all there—I hate to say this—it’s made to order. (Laughter) Then, I disorder it a little bit or, I should say, I reorder it. I wouldn’t be so presumptuous to claim that I had the ability to disorder it. I wish I did.

Frank Stella, to Bomb Magazine

Written by nevalalee

July 20, 2014 at 9:00 am

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