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“Clarity, completeness, quintessence, quiet…”

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Number 30 by Ad Reinhardt

Painting is special, separate, a matter of meditation and contemplation, for me, no physical action or social sport. As much consciousness as possible. Clarity, completeness, quintessence, quiet. No noise, no schumtz, no schmerz, no fauve schwärmerei. Perfection, passiveness, consonance, consummateness. Spirituality, serenity, absoluteness, coherence. No automatism, no accident, no anxiety, no catharsis, no chance. Detachment, disinterestedness, thoughtfulness, transcendence. No humbugging, no button-holing, no exploitation, no mixing things up.

Ad Reinhardt

Written by nevalalee

July 12, 2014 at 9:00 am

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