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A letter from Georges Bizet

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Georges Bizet

You may imagine that it is maddening to interrupt my cherished work for two days to write cornet solos. One must live!…I have had my revenge. I have made the orchestra supernaturally vulgar. The cornet shrieks like a band in a public-house, the ophicleide and the bass-drum mark the first beat agreeably, with the bass trombone and the violoncellos and contrabasses, while the second and third beats are assailed by the horns, the violas, the second violins, the two first trombones, and the drum—yes, the drum! If you could only see the viola part! Those are hapless men who pass their lives playing such machines. Horrible!

Georges Bizet

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April 28, 2013 at 9:50 am

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