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“The text is a pretext…”

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Sven Birkerts

The work is not merely the bridge between author and reader; it is an enabling entity. The text is a pretext. The writer needs the idea of audition—of readers—in order to begin the creative process that gets him beyond the immediate, daily perception of things. In this one sense, the writer does not bring forth the work so much as the work, the idea of it, brings the writer to imaginative readiness. The finished work, the whole of it, then enables the reader to project a sensible and meaningful order of reality, one that might be initially at odds with the habitual relation to things. Writer and reader make a circuit—complete—outside the entanglements of the social contract.

Sven Birkerts, Readings

Written by nevalalee

February 10, 2013 at 9:50 am

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