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Georges Méliès on the tools of narrative magic

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The composition of a scene, an episode, a drama, a fairy story, a comedy or an artistic tableau naturally requires a scenario taken from the imagination. Then there is a search for ways of affecting the audience: drawings and models for costumes and scenery; the settling on a chief attraction, without which there is no chance of success. And as for tales of illusion or fairy stories, the tricks and processes must be studied with particular care. The rendering on film must be prepared in advance, just as much as the groupings and movements of the players. It is exactly like preparing a stage play. The only difference is that the author must know how to do everything himself and, consequently, be author, director, designer and, sometimes, actor, if everything is to be as he wishes it. The author of a scene must direct it himself, because it is absolutely impossible if two people meddle in it.

Georges Méliès

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October 27, 2012 at 9:50 am

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