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A writer’s routine: Robert Bloch

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I sit down at nine o’clock. And I will write until I notice that the wastebasket is full of popcorn balls. I know that if I crumple up enough sheets of paper I must be getting tired, and I better quit for the day and return to it when I’m fresh. And so the schedule generally runs from 9 to about 1. I do try to keep a regular schedule, five days a week. I feel that writing is a habit, and it must be enforced by self-discipline.

This is why so many people whom I’ve known, who are brilliant, who have fine minds, who have great creative talent, have never made it as writers because they don’t have that self-discipline. They are not able to force themselves to do something that is less agreeable than going out and enjoying themselves and living it up a little.

I’ve always felt that people who have had an easy time in actual life are less prone to do anything in the creative arts because they have less need to.

Robert Bloch, author of Psycho

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January 2, 2012 at 10:00 am

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